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Blogger enabled Threaded Commenting for us!

You may have seen this in WordPress blogs, now Blogger also has this too, it’s threaded commenting. Blogger has introduced a new improved commenting system for us. So what’s that actually? Well, now it’s possible to reply on an existing comment to start a conversation. It will be displayed as threaded (or nested). See an image example below:

Blogger threaded comments
Image from Blogger Buzz

To enable threaded comment for your Blogger template you need to apply some settings and you are ready to go. For Blogger new interface, go to your blog’s “Settings > Posts and comments” and from Comment Location dropdown select Embedded. If you are using Blogger’s old interface then go to “Settings > Comments” tab and select Embedded below post for Comment Form Placement. Save your settings.

Blogger comments setting
Comments Setting

It’s not finished yet. Go to “Settings > Other” and select Full from the Allow Blog Feed dropdown. For old interface, go to “Settings > Site Feed” tab and do the same as told for new interface. Save your settings.

Blogger feed setting
Blog Feed Setting

That’s it. Now, happy commenting! Images by Blogger Buzz.


  1. That's good news, but it doesn't look embedded to me in your screenshot.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. what does "Allow Blog Feed" have to do with comments?!

  4. @David
    Some more questions may arise like "why not just applying "Blog Comment Feed" and "Per-Post Comment Feeds" to "Full" will do this trick?". But only Blogger and people who are more into Blogger's API can reply you well. Sorry.

  5. Oh this one's again a great news for me


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