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Whether to Dofollow or Nofollow

Whether to DoFollowNew bloggers are always in confusion whether to apply dofollow or nofollow for the links on their blogs.

Literally, "dofollow" does not exist. As we all know, it is said to be "Dofollow" when it does not contain the "Nofollow" attribution which tell the search engines not to give any authority to the outbound link.

Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages. Nofollow attribution can be found in the comment area within our Blogger powered blogs (and to new SEO settings). While nofollow helps a blog to get less spam, it also don’t give any credit to useful sites. Here’s where the confusion starts whether to use this rule or not.

Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dofollow

A webmaster or a site owner always wants to create backlinks to their sites. The main advantage of Dofollow blogs are that they give free backlinks after commenting. So people love to comment on these blogs. As a result, not only the site’s traffic increases, comments also increase along with the Page Views and conversations.

It also has disadvantages that are frowned upon not only by search engines but also by the authors of the sites too. Spam in comments increases like posting links to spam sites or low quality sites. Search engines don’t like a site which is giving links to spam sites. The quality of the post decreases and as well as the rank.

Advantages and Disadvantages of NoFollow

The advantage of Nofollow attribute is less spam, as only those visitors will come who are interested in your blog and posts. You may get some less but quality visitors. And if they post a comment then it will be relevant to the post.

But there is also one disadvantage to it. You are getting fewer comments. But it will never be a problem.

Whether to apply Dofollow or Nofollow rule

Wordpress have many plugins, one of them is Akismet, which delete most of the spam comments. But Blogger has only rel="nofollow" tags for the comment section. It is best if it stays there. But again, when you are writing a post and want to add a outbound link to other blog or site, try not to use nofollow attribute if you think that the site is worthy enough.


  1. Do follow blogs are really helpful in the optimization of the websites on main search engines like Google,Yahoo and

  2. I think it's really bad if i set our blog with dofollow but commentator giving spam at their comment. So, I think we must make filter to all comment posted in to avoid negative effect.

  3. I think its really bad if i send our blog with dofollow but commentor giving spam at their comment. So i think we must make filter to all comment posted in to avoid effect.

  4. Thanks so much for the pros and cons as to whether to change to DoFollow. Like many bloggers I don't want an increase in comment spam which is why I have comments on my blogs set to moderation. If I understand correctly by omitting the nofollow attribute to allow dofollow, there is the potential of lowering one's PR if the link goes to a spammish site?

  5. That's what SEO experts say!

  6. will it do my site any harm if i remove the nofollow?...would it be better then to set some rules before commenting, so less spam?..i hope so.

  7. Oh, i just saw the Do not Spam and comment, how did u put it here?

  8. Go to Blogger's Settings > Comments tab and find for "Comment form massage". Write a short massage and save it. For more have a look at:
    Comments Settings for Blogger : Blogspot Basics.

  9. Thanks for sharing useful information and i would also like to make my blog dofollow blog so that it pays for bloggers who comment on my blog

  10. Do follow blogs can help you to get traffic and backlinks from other sites. It is also the way you can share you links juice to the other sites.

  11. the best way is use both. Comment on do-follow and no-follow blogs. coz if you comment on do-follow alone, google will see it as a black hat link building techniques, but if you apply both technique am sure you wont be penalized.

  12. This is a great information for dofollow and nofollow. thanks for this

  13. I suggest people to use dofollow tags because why not to share and develop our site all together. So in this way we can reduce the spammers and build a great community.


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